Corporate / Core capabilities

Core capabilities

Exalon is a network company that aims at developing and bringing into production electronic industrial measurement equipment. To achieve this we have acquired knowledge in the following field:

  • Worldwide explosion safety regulations (ATEX, FM, CSA)
  • Worldwide accepted weight and measures requirements (NMI, PTB, WELMEC, API) regarding temperature, level and volume measurements
  • Accurate temperature measurement techniques (0.05°C)
  • Accurate capacitive sensors and capacitive measurement techniques (50aF)
  • Low power / Bus powered measurement electronics
  • Industrials field busses (HART®, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus)
  • Embedded hardware and software skills with various microcontrollers as STM32, LPC437x, 8051, Philips 8051XA, Microchip PIC, and Renesas M16C
  • Production documentation, verification software (Java, Visual .NET, LabVIEW)

Naturally we have access to a network of specialists with knowledge in areas like digital signal processing, VHDL, mechanical design (Pro Engineer), ASIC design, and developing for Space requirements.