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HART Communication Protocol

The HART protocol has proven to be the most succesful communication protocol for field devices. Recent developments even accerate the adoption of the HART protocol and attract more then ever new instrumentation manufacturers to offer HARTability to their portfolios. At the same time existing HART device manufacturers are upgrading their products to HART V7 to enhance interoperability with WirelessHART networks.

Read on to find out how your investment into HART technology can maximize returns and how Exalon Delft can help.

HART has the largest installed base of any field communications protocol

According to a recent study by the ARC Advisory Group 46% of the 69.2 million devices installed worldwide by year-end 2010 are HART-enabled.

Installed Devices in 2010

The ARC study estimates that the number of installed HART devices will grow to 35 million in 2011 and projects growth to continue to 37.3 million in 2012. Outlook Installed HART devices

Outlook Installed HART devices

WirelessHART deployment drives HART V7 demand

Another ARC studie shows that the value of wireless devices employed in manufacturing grow with an anual compounded growth rate (CAGR) of 26% over the next 5 years, with 23% of end users already selecting WirelessHART IEC62591.

Shipments of Wireless Hardware, Software and Services

The tremendous growth of WirelessHART drives the development of wired HART V7 devices as well for several reasons:

  • No other industrial network protocol offers such tight integration of wired and wireless devices.
  • Every WirelessHART device needs a maintenance port which is nothing less then a Wired HART V7 device.
  • New HART device manufacturers are forced to implement HART V7 as only HART V7 supports 16-bit manufacturer ID’s and all 8-bit ID’s have already been allocated.

Exalon Delft HART portfolio

Exalon Delft focusses on what it does best: create outstanding products and services for the Oil&Gas, process and petrochemical industries that are Explosion Safe and well connected.

Our HART product portfolio includes:

  • HPAL 2.0. The most complete and best tested HART V7 Protocol Slave Device Stack on the market.
  • HART Test Bench. Best in class developer tool that allows you to test your HART Device for HART Protocol Conformity and helps you validate it’s functionality.
  • Smart HART Modem. USB HART Modem with build in HART Master that solves bus timing issues found with other USB dongles. Included with this device is a HART over UDP (ethernet) server that implements a blazing fast IO System (bus multiplexer). The IO System is HART Server (OPC server) compatible.

The products HPS 1.x and HPAL 1.x and it’s evaluation kit are obsolete since August 2011. We recommend HPAL 2.0 as a replacement.