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X59T, nine (9) element thermocouple Tank Thermometer Interface

The X59T-LT Tank Thermometer Interface is a special version of the X62T-VT. Both interfaces are suitable for connection of the Honeywell-Enraf VITO MTT thermocouple temperature probes. The main difference is the X62T-VT supports both the 9 or 16 spots MTT probes and the X59T-LT is limited to the 9 spot versions only.
The X59T implements all Honeywell-Enraf 762 VITO manufacturer specific commands and is fully compatible with all Honeywell-Enraf gauges with VITO option boards. This way you can easily replace a defective 762 VITO LT by the robust X59T-LT with minimal effort or use the X59T-LT as preferred interface in new installations.

Galvanic separation

The galvanic separation between the temperature element inputs and level gauge host output assures the best possible tolerance against the indirect effects of lightning. Another advantage of this galvanic seperation is the prevention of current leaks to the grounded probe housing caused by wearing of the internal temperature element cable isolation resulting in incorrect measurements.

IP65 Enclosure

The X59T comes with a rectangular enclosure for easy access of the electronics even after a long time. Due to the mechanical design and with proper installation of glands and optional avaliable IP probe adapter the enclosure is IP65 graded.

Capacitance measurement

The built-in capacitance measurement has 3 inputs with a range up to 2 nF.

The active guard technology allows parasitic cable capacitances of in total 25 nF while a measuring frequency of maximal 100 kHz minimizes the sensitivity to electrode contamination. To you this means a reliable measurement using up to 250 m coaxial cable.


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Brochure Product Sheet X59T
ATEX certificate X62 KEMA06ATEX0294X
IECEx certificate IECEx-DEK-24.0022X-I0
Installation Manual Exalon X59T-LT IG-X59T-LT
Product Change Notification PCN-X62-18-00

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