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HART Test Bench 1.6

The HART Test Bench allows you to test your HART Slave Device for HART 7.7 conformity and helps you develop your device specific tests.

Smart HART Modem

Testing saves money … and possibly lives

Imagine, you are developing a field transmitter that is going to be installed in a thousand different locations spread across the planet under the most harsh conditions. It may be connected in a network with your competitors devices to control processing parameters or monitor product quality. Large economic values are at stake. And maybe peoples lives….

You know your product deserves to be rigorously tested in every aspect important to your customers application. Including Interoperability and Compliance to HART testing standards.

And although certain tests are not that difficult to perform, other tests involve precise bus timing. For this you need full control over your PC's UART…

… for which support depends on your OS and UART.

In fact, ordinary PC-controlled RS232 or USB HART test systems are just not up to the task. To get the tests done on time and within your projects budget you deserve the best testing tool available.

Exalon Delft HART Test Bench

HART-IP network

HART Test Bench tests are a complete implementation based on the official HART Slave test specifications. These specifications comprise 152 test cases that test a total of more then 2000 test points.

HART Test Bench includes many tests not implemented in other solutions allowing you to rigorously test your device's behavior under simulated poor network conditions that cause parity and framing errors, inter-character gap errors and erroneous or spurious bytes.

And because all tests are implemented in C script and the source is open1) to you, you can easily write your own user scripts or study those of the Test Bench to better understand HART protocol and test specifications.

1) Note that the source is open but not free (neither as in speech nor as in beer).

HART Test Bench itself is complete without hidden costs. It comes with an Exalon Delft Smart HART Modem included and installs on a single desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP or higher. Other solutions require you to purchase 2 HART modems and reserve an additional PC to operate as bus monitor.

The included Smart HART Modem guarantees correct bus timing of HART messages. In addition it allows accurate distortions of messages as specified in Data Link Layer tests DLL010, DLL011 and DLL013. The second channel of the Smart HART Modem is used to accurately monitor and log bus traffic all from a single PC or laptop.

Exalon Delft HART Test Bench advantages
Feature Other vendor HART Test Systems
HART Test Bench
Complete implementations of the official HART Slave test specifications no Yes

All tests implemented in C scripts including 

no Yes
Character Gap Test DLL013 included
no Yes
Create your own device specific tests. no Yes
2 HART modems included no Yes
1 Smart HART Modem as Master and Monitor
Preconfigured PC running test system
yes no
Runs on any Windows 7 or higher
Does NOT require additional PC running DOS or FreeDOS no Yes
Use SDC625 with burst devices to develop DD's
USB modems work unreliably
YesWith replacement ActiveX control
HART-IP server included no Yes
Works with Windows
no YesWindows XP or greater
Works with Linux yes YesUbuntu supported

The current version of the HART Test Bench 1.6 is conform the following Test Specifications:

  • Slave Token Passing Data Link Layer Test Specifications HCF_TEST-001, FCG TT20001 Revision 5.0 (3 Februari 2020)
  • Slave Universal Command Test Specifications HCF_TEST-003, FCG TT20005 Revision 5.0 (8 July 2020)
  • Slave Common Practice Command Test SpecificationsHCF_TEST-004, FCG TT20004 Revision 6.1 (16 November 2020)
Show tables listing supported tests.


Data Link Layer Tests
Other vendor
Exalon Delft


Universal Command Tests
Other vendor
Exalon Delft


Common Practice commands
Other vendor
Exalon Delft


Additional Tests
Name Description

Best value for money

HART Test Bench includes one Smart HART Modem which gives you 2 independent HART modems with a single USB connection. And the Exalon Delft HART-IP server is included for free! Installs on any PC with Windows XP or higher or Ubuntu Lucid LTS without hidden costs. Access the C sources of the test scripts to better understand HART protocol and test specifications. All this at a price substantially lower than competitive products!

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What's in the box

  • 1 Smart HART Modem 126 mm x 57 mm x 26 mm
  • 1 pair of test leads
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 CDROM containing USB drivers for Windows (XP/Vista/Windows7), HART Test Bench, HART-IP server (Windows/Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), C#/C++ code examples, ActiveX HART Modem Server control (drop-in replacement for the HCF control used by the SDC-625), manual.