Products / Overview

Tank gauging

X62T Universal Tank Thermometer Interface

The most versatile multi element Tank Thermometer Interface supporting virtually any standard tank thermometer probe (MTT thermocouple, MPT Pt100, RTD Cu100) to virtually any high-end tank level gauge from world class manufacturers.

X59T-LT Tank Thermometer Interface

The robust 9 element thermocouple Tank Thermometer Interface for 767 or 768 VITO-LT MTT thermocouple temperature probes.

UCI-108 Universal Communication Interface

The multi purpose Bi-Phase Mark (BPM) communication interface for Tank Management Systems to connect virtually any host application to virtually any field instrument.

HART Fieldbus

HART Test Bench

Test your HART Device for HART Protocol Conformity and develop device specific tests.

Smart HART Modem

A USB HART Modem with build in HART Master to provide compliant timing and bus behaviour.

HART® Protocol stack

Integrates HART capabilities into your field device with Exalon Delft's HART protocol.