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UCI-108 Universal Communication Interface

Connects virtual any host to virtual any field instrument

The Honeywell-Enraf Bi-Phase Mark (BPM) fieldbus is an essential part in Tank Gauging Systems by connecting tank management applications and their BPM field instruments. The UCI-108 is the most versatile BPM interface available for this purpose, improving the BPM fieldbus utilization and reducing the need for separate products for different network configurations.
Due to its scalable design advanced functions can be realized by combining multiple UCI-108s into a Multi Node. It's main features include:

  • Connect between RS232/RS485 and BPM fieldbus supporting Honeywell-Enraf CIU-GPU, GPU, Flexconn and Modbus RTU protocols.
  • Multiple hosts sharing the same BPM fieldbus including PLC applications with remote Modbus slave I/O.
  • Host and field port assignable as RS232/RS485 or BPM fieldbus enabling special configurations to extend the BPM fieldbus or insert an Ethernet/Fiber Optic segment.
  • Integrate Modbus RTU, 4..20 mA or HART field instruments sharing the same BPM fieldbus into the Honeywell-Enraf CIU888
  • Monitoring BPM fieldbus enabling localization of fieldbus issues.
  • Fast responses to periodic requests by caching mechanism.
  • Easy commissioning by directly connected terminal or using remote item requests.

Connect host application

The UCI-108 provides two solutions to connect Tank Management Applications (TMA) to the BPM fieldbus depending on the supported protocol.
In PET mode the host application communicates by means of the Honeywell-Enraf GPU protocol capable of addressing up to 100 GPU field instruments. In SMARTLINK mode the host communicates the CIU-GPU protocol. In this case up to 10 UCI-108s can be addressed, each capable addressing up to 100 GPU field instruments.
With the UCI-108 cache enabled the overall host scan time can be reduced by operating multiple BPM fieldbuses in parallel.


Use case: Connect host application in PET mode


Use case: Connect host application in SMARTLINK mode

Join multiple hosts, split to multiple BPM fieldbuses

Multiple host applications can share the same BPM fieldbus(es) and it’s connected field instruments by configuring the UCI-108 in a Multi Node setup. The UCI-108s are therefore interconnected via the PCB backplane bus, exchanging requests and responses from host inputs and field ports. The optional cache contributes in reducing the response time.
An examples of a multiple host application is the connecting of the field instrument commissioning tool together with the Tank Management Application.
In UCI-108 Multi Node setup also the number of BPM fieldbuses connected to the host can be easily increased up to total of four buses.


Use case: Connect multiple host applications to multiple fieldbuses

Connecting Modbus RTU field instruments

A special case of ‘Join multiple hosts, split to multiple BPM fieldbuses’ is the connection of a PLC application in existing installations. A UCI-108 in MODBUSTUNNEL mode allows for transparent communication between a Modbus RTU Master and it’s remote Modbus RTU Slaves sharing the same BPM fieldbus and saving cable costs.
The MODBUSTUNNEL mode also supports the integration the integration of 4..20 mA, HART or Modbus RTU field instruments into the CIU888 by the addition of a CIU RS field port as Modbus RTU Master.


Use case: PLC application with remote Modbus I/O sharing the fieldbus with Tank Management Application


Use case: Integrate 4..20 mA, HART or Modbus RTU field instruments into the CIU888

Insert Ethernet or Fiber Optic segment

Fiber Optics could solve BPM fieldbus communication problems in installations due to large distances or severe crosstalk caused by mains power cables in the same cable tray.
Insertion of a network segment is made possible by the unique UCI-108 feature to have the BPM fieldbus as host input. By converting the BPM message to RS232 and vise versa standard Ethernet or Fiber Optics media converters can be used at both sides of the line.


Use case: Insert an Ethernet or Fiber Optic network segment in the BPM fieldbus

Extend BPM fieldbus

The number of field instruments on a BPM fieldbus can be easily increased by inserting a repeater. The insertion of a repeater also solves communication issues due to weak BPM fieldbus signal levels by splitting the fieldbus into smaller segments. Both saving the costs of an additional fieldbus cabling from the control room. A repeater is compiled by using two UCI-108's in Multi Node setup and is installed in the field.


Use case: Extend BPM fieldbus with UCI-108 repeater setup

Analyze BPM fieldbus

To isolate BPM fieldbus issues the UCI-108 can be used as a ‘digital’ fieldbus multimeter. Both GPU and Flexconn messages can monitored by a PC terminal program and are tagged with timestamp and BPM signal level of received messages for analyzing purposes. By connecting at location B the BPM signal level of the CIU can be determined, by connecting at location A the signal levels of the field instrument replies can be measured.


Use case: Monitor BPM fieldbus traffic to determine signal level and isolate issues


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