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X62T-HART Universal Tank Thermometer Interface with HART®

The X62T connects your installed tank thermometers to various Tank Gauges with support for HART® transmitters. Thanks to its independent operation you can even measure the temperature of your valuable tank's contents without the presence of a Tank Gauge by connecting directly to a HART master.

  • Standard HART® v7.7 protocol.
  • Measures independent of the host, minimum bus traffic.
  • Galvanic separation between the HART bus and sensor inputs for interference free operation.
  • Accuracy 0.1°C for temperature conversions.
  • Tested with Saab Rex and E&H Tank Side Monitor NRF590.
  • Can also be used to implement Floating roof compensation.
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Brochure Product Sheet X62T HART
Certificate X62 KEMA06ATEX0294X
Installation Guide Exalon X62T IG-X62T-HART.pdf
Product Change Notification PCN-X62-18-00