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X62T-MIR Tank Thermometer Interface

The X62T-MIR Tank Thermometer Interface is a special version of the X62T-HART. The main difference is that the HART communication has been disabled in favor of the Honeywell-Enraf 862 MIR protocol.

This way you can replace a defective 862 MIR by a modern X62T-MIR with minimal effort. Even the entries to the enclosure have been made compatible to the 862 MIR so you can reuse the adapters and glands from the current installation.

The X62T has 18 combined force/sense inputs re-configured to measure:

  • Enraf® 863 MRT
  • with support for spot and/or vapour spot
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Brochure Product Sheet X62T-MIR
Certificate X62 KEMA06ATEX0294X
Installation Manual Exalon X62T-MIR IG-X62T-MIR
Product Change Notification PCN-X62-18-00