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Production of ATEX equipment

The ATEX directive not only establishes requirements for the design but also for the quality during production. See our pages about Ex for more.

Exalon Delft has a certified quality system for production of Cat 1 and 2 devices (for use in Zone 0 and 1) and a network of local suppliers who have proven to deliver quality while maintaining flexibility and short delivery times.

This setup enables us to meet with minimal overhead the quality demanded by regulatory requirements and end users.

Of course you can always choose to put a product developed by Exalon Delft into production by yourself. Even if you do not have a certified quality system. Notified Bodies can offer you various modules to produce (partly) under guidance to guarantee production quality.

Please don't hesitate to contact us since we would be pleased to explain you the benefits of outsourcing to Exalon Delft.