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Exalon Delft specializes in the design of Analog Electronics.

Isn't that a thing of the past? Analog electronics is more alive then ever!

It's true: more and more functions in modern electronics are being implemented with digital building blocks.

Digital building blocks have many advantages: designs can be simulated with reasonable accuracy, often functions can be made programmable (in the form firmware in microcontrollers and programmable hardware like PLD's en FPGA's), so that a design can be changed even during the production phase. This enables to setup production long before the design has been finalized, quick and low cost redesigns and reduces stock risks.

Still there always remain analog functions in any design. And the demands placed on it continue to increase. Think of a PC power supply that needs to accommodate load changes of 30A while the output voltage must remain virtually constant. But also the inputs of analog instruments, where the highest accuracy is required, but often under rough industrial EMC conditions.

Instrumentation Puzzle

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Modern electronics often takes shape in a form similar to the above block diagram. The largest part of the functionality is realized in the Digital Processing. But the design effort of the remaining parts continues to be significant. .