Power supply design is a skill in itself. However, virtually any electronic device contains an amount of voltage converters and regulators.

Low power

Especially in bus powered instruments, special requirements are place on the power supply. The devices consume little power. Because of this they operate at an operating point where most converters are inefficient. Also switching transient can disturb bus communication. Linear low drop regulators can become unstable at low temperature specifications common in industrial equipment.

And last but not least, the power is a hidden signal path between all parts of the measuring system. Without proper measures the microcontroller will disturb the A/D converter, destroying it's 16 or 24 bits resolution.

Exalon Delft has a broad experience in developing low power supplies, with minimal disturbance on the A/D converter's operation. Let us help you trace and resolve difficult problems in your own designs!

Ex power supplies

Many instruments can be made intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations with little effort, when the dissipated power is below 1W. Many of these then be powered by off the shelf barriers or isolators. When the power consumptions is between 1W and 3W it is often necessary to revert to an custom design optimized for the application. Have a look at our services in the area of explosion safety.

Exalon Delft has years of experience is designing Ex power supplies in combination with adapting instruments or transmitters to Ex i.