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Exalon Delft has many years of experience and knowledge of designing instruments that bring laboratory precision instrumentation into the field, where they must operate under the most demanding environmental conditions, satisfy Ex requirements and have a long life and low maintenance.

Especially our experience with the combination of Intrinsic Safety and precision instrumentation sets us apart from our competitors

Analog electronics

Low power consuming Galvanic separation for Intrinsically Safe Fieldbusses.

180W Instrinsically Safe Power Supply

Sensor technology

Capacitive sensors and temperature measurement.

Digital Instrumentation technology

Microprocessor controlled measuring, calculation and communication.

Field bus technology

HART Transmitters

Profibus DP Large Display

Naturally, our designs are optimized for relatively small production quantities and require minimal redesigns during a long active life (some of our designs have been in production for over 10 years without a single redesign).